Question about Dynast Start Ups

Hi all,

We did our very first dynasty start up draft 2 weeks ago and I was arguing that it is too soon to draft this early. I was told it is “dynasty” season now and if somebody gets injured before the season starts it means nothing since you have this player forever. My question is was I right about the start up draft being too soon? Of course I have Travis Etienne and if we would’ve drafted closer to the NFL kickoff I would not be in this situation.

I know about the rookie draft after the first year and it starting maybe the day after the NFL draft is complete but for the first year of a dynasty shouldn’t the draft be held closer to kickoff to avoid potential preseason injuries? What am I missing?

They’re kinda right. It doesn’t really matter WHEN you hold the draft, anyone can go down for the season the very next day–even after the start of the regular season. In a redraft, that means you drop them and try to find a replacement on waivers, in a dynasty, it means “better luck next year.”

That said, a Lisfranc injury serious enough to require surgery has ended more than one NFL career within a couple of seasons–though granted, most of them were older than Etienne.

So yours is not an enviable position, to be sure, but it can happen to any of us, at any time. Try not to be the sour grapes guy, and just take it in stride like a seasoned player. Not every team can win in Year 1. If Etienne recovers fully, he should be a fantasy starter for you for years to come–he’s that kind of a talent. But for this year, he’s just a stash.


I like your style and advice, thank you for the response!