Question about long distance drafting

I’m in a 10 team league where we typically do our draft at a restaurant. One of our league members moved out to Arizona but is still apart of the league, which I’m totally fine with.

What do you all suggest is the best way for her to participate in the draft? Right now, I just constantly text her the draft as it’s happening and she texts me with her picks, but I feel it kinda distracts me from doing my own research during the draft. Does anyone have suggestions on a better way of giving her the draft results? Or should I just keep doing it the way I have been?

Thanks, footclan!

FaceTime or Facebook video chat. So she can hear all of the picks

Is this a live draft? Occurring right this minute?

If so, then yeah - Facetime or comparable.

The other option would be doing it online. I assume most owners have a laptop/tablet they can use so the 11 of you can still be in the same room

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Yes, live draft at a restaurant where the other 9 owners are present. I was thinking of having a buddy of ours come to the draft that isn’t in the league be the one to FaceTime her

If you use an ipad, you might not need to have an extra person come with you. Prop it up where she can see the draft board. Buy a nice two way speaker to help with audio. That might be ok.

Use ClickyDraft…it’s a platform that lets you do your fantasy draft in real time and they can use their phone/tablet/computer to select their picks and everyone can see the picks as they’re happening. That’s what we do for the guys who’s jobs moved them away.

I’ve found keeping a google doc of the draft board updated with each pick lets everyone in the league see the picks on their computer, and anyone who is drafting remotely can see when it’s their pick and enter it on their own.

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How was your experience using it? I’ve thought about doing something similar because one of the guys in my league is out of state and there are a few others that would have a hard time making it to a live draft. Did it work pretty well? TIA

It was very easy to set up and I could make custom rosters to fit our league settings. It’s free to use unless you wanted to do more fancy stuff with it. I just set up my league and sent invites to those that weren’t going to be there (the just copy the URL and it loads right in). They logged in when the draft started and everyone at the draft just used the same computer that was hooked up to the TV to make their selections. The people not there could watch the selections as they happened instead of calling in or video chatting and constantly asking who was just drafted. It was real nice. The only thing that was annoying was I had to manually add the rosters to the platform we used throughout the season (ESPN). It wasn’t difficult, just time consuming.

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Use sleeper for your league and have someone update the online draft board as you draft or have people use both the online and your live draft board. I promise if you video chat they’re going to make picks that have been made.

You said you used clicky draft for free? I signed up for it and it gave me a default setting and said if I want to make roster changes I have to upgrade to premium. It has me set up as having 1 flex (we have 2) and all the separate defensive positions, which we don’t it. It’s telling me that in order to customize roster settings to sign up for premium for $14.99, which id rather not do.

Yeah if you want to customize your positions and everything there is a fee. However, we just use it for the draft only. As long as the roster size is the same it shouldn’t matter. So it will have the standard position settings, but we just tell the guys to ignore that and draft according to our settings.

Just for the record, I do clicky draft for 2 long distance drafters, and it worked out awesome! They both said it was very helpful. Thanks for the recommendation!

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