Question about Waiver Wire Setting

I am a league commisioner in my league. I had noticed someone added a player Tuesday morning during the waiver wire period, how is this possible? Can someone explain this to me??

Looks like normal waiver rules. Does the team in question also have LM powers or was that just you reversing what he did? It says (by LM) next to the acquisition/drop which is why I asked.

Nope, he does not, I am the only one who does. Not sure why it says LM next to it. I definitely did not reverse it. It could be automatic perhaps?

In some settings if a person is on waivers at the start of the Sunday games their availability is not reset to start with the other players.

I picked up Hyde like this last Monday. Someone dropped him on Saturday and he cleared waivers Monday morning. So since he was already on waivers his time was up Monday from the Saturday dropping.

Maybe that happened