Question for CMC owners

Are any CMC owners picking up Bonnafon after the minor scare of cramps? Or waiting it out? I cant imagine Rivera would allow CMC to produce like he did last week. Im a CMC owner as well.

Yes Im claiming Bonnafon this week.

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Are you using any FAAB on him? Can’t decide if I should put a least 2-4% down.

Im putting a 0$ claim haha I dont think people in my league will go after him. I wouldnt put more than 4$.

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Miles Sanders is also on waivers for some reason. Prioritize Bonnafon over Sanders?

I just traded away Miles Sanders. Pederson keeps saying the eagles will give more carries to Howard PLUS the upcoming schedule for the eagles RB’s is dreadful. Vikings, Cowboys, Bills, Bears, patriots, Seahawks.

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