Question for Experienced Dynasty Players w/ Superflex

I’m working on putting together a dynasty league and have been thinking of making it a superflex. My friend who I’ve been discussing the league rules and ideas with is afraid that in a 12-team league, too many QBs will be taken and someone will end up just hoarding QBs instead of other players. I said I feel people would understand the value of skill players, especially in the long-term.

Any opinions on this? He’s suggesting a cap of 3 QBs per team. Do you think something like that is necessary? Just looking for opinions from those who have been in a superflex dynasty and how it works in your league. Thanks.

Im starting a 24(2 conferences of 12 each with its own player pool) team league. I am not worried about this in the slightest, mainly because my league uses a salary cap and contract years. If someone were to bid up and with 4 qbs, they are leaving themselves crippled at other positions.

I am also balancing out the scoring a bit by giving rushing and rec tds 8 points to the 6 for passing. I have also increased the int points to -3 from the standard -2 and have also bumped the rush/rec 2pt converions to be 3 points while keeping the passing to 2 points.

My league also starts 2 rbs, 3 wrs, 1 te, and 1 super flex and 1 wr/te/rb flex, which means you need to have depth at your skill positions and not just hoard the qbs.

Now i could be completely wrong being this is my first superflex leauge, but i run 3 other 32 team leagues and based off of my experience with those leagues and discussion with the owners that are joining the superflex league, it hasnt been a concern.

dont forget, settings can always be updated based on a league vote.

I can understand your friends concerns and it shows that they are considering the effect of rules and settings you may implement now and how they will affect the league in the future. However the fears are not necessary. In a 12 team league I do not believe there should be any restrictions on how many players, including QBs, one team can roster.

The entire point of a Superflex is to elevate the value of quarterbacks. By having/being able to play two - this directly drives the value up. Often so high that there are 3-5 QBs picked in the first round (maybe even 1.01). By doing so more QBs will be drafted and drafted early. If a team chooses to construct their team by drafting 6-10 QBs, I believe:

  • You should let them.
  • That team will likely not be successful.

They will be weak at other positions, especially if it’s only one team performing this strategy. They will need to trade QBs. This could backfire as they have actually devalued the QBs on their own roster and overvalued QBs on other rosters. Supply and demand.

I will say that in larger leagues, like 16 teams, a QB cap is acceptable.

I forgot to mention, if you do implement a cap (which isn’t the worst thing in the world - cough kickers and def) … the hardship for the commish is monitoring and policing. I see a lot of great rules get worked on and implemented, but practically are a nightmare to administrate and enforce.

There would be no policing depending on the platform. MFL i know can control position limits.

I know you can control the following from “General League Setup”:

  • number or roster spots
  • number of taxi squad spots
  • number of injured reserve spots

And the following from “Starting Positions Setup”:

  • Min Starters/ Max Starters

As well as “Roster Position Limits Setup”:

  • Roster minimum/maximum