Question for First time Faab

Our league is switching over to using Faab finally but the question is using the ESPN platform should it be continuous and then what days should it run on or should it be non continuous and have like normal waivers after the selected day of bidding?

Also Espn doesnt have faab trading and I could manually do it but should we even allow that?

What have you guys found as pros and cons of the ways to run Faab?

If you’re just starting with FAAB, I wouldn’t introduce a bunch of additional frills like being able to trade FAAB and such.

I would also recommend running it like regular waivers. Players go on waivers when their game starts each week, and stay on waivers until Tuesday, when FAAB bids are processed and waiver claims awarded–and then everyone is a free agent again until their next game starts.

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