Question on 1.02 pick

In a 10 man league with 1 keeper (at bottom) and I’ve got 2nd pick. Each year, a keeper can only be kept once before returning to draft next year, so my first pick will likely be keeper next year.

I’ve got CMC keeper this year, so top 3 prospects for 2nd overall are Mike Thomas, Pat Mahomes, or Kamara. Really stuck between Thomas & Mahomes, but leaning Thomas & picking QB around rounds 5-7. It’s 1 pt PPR and QB TDs are 6 pts.

Any thoughts?

Keepers this year:
Derrick Henry
Mike Evans
Lamar Jackson
Mark Andrews
Tyreek Hill
Kyler Murray

I’d personally lean Kamara because I always love my RBs, but Thomas is an excellent pick (esp as AK is a free agent next offseason or something, right?) …

I’d agree with you on Mahomes – he’s awesome, but you can find another starting QB. If it’s between Thomas & Mahomes to you, I’d go for Thomas!


I’d keep Kamara or Mahomes. And I lean Mahomes because of Dak and Jackson being kept and it being a 6pt TD league.

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Kamara. Easily.

I’d almost never consider keeping a QB in a 1QB league. 6pt TD changes nothing for me. All QBs get 6 points so it just raises the floor and re-orders the QB ranks slightly (rushing QBs are given less of an advantage).

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Um, that’s not how it works. That’s like saying all RBs get 1 or for catches in a PPR league. The RBs that catch more passes get a bigger boost. Just like the QBs that throw more TDs getting a bigger boost in 6pt/TD leagues. Mahomes has the best chance to lead the league in TDs so he is worth even more in this format. Now if you want to wait till RD 4-5 and get Dak, as he should be great this year and throw for more TDs than he has, than fair, but it does make a difference.