Question on 2 steelers

Who will have more success in 2018? V. McDonald or J. Washington?

What impact do you expect from both, besides the top scoring options Bell, Brown, Juju?! Are they fantasy relevant?

Honestly there are better options than McDonald out there.
But in redrafts he could be a nice late round option!

For example you passed on the top TE-options or plan to stream TE he should be a target! Rumors say he will be more involved this season and in certain weeks he could be a nice play!

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I don’t love either this year, honestly. If I’m banking on one, though, it’s Washington. He’s in the perfect situation for his style of play. McDonald, to me, is just “meh!”. Too many TEs that I like more.

Thanks for your replies, it’s more about late round flyer and I personal like Washington as a prospect in this offense, similar to the situation last year with juju an martavis though the skill set is different.

I’m just curious why Washington is kind of under the radar as potential sleeper?

I would say he’s under the radar because the Steelers offense has been the same core pieces for a while now i think your casual players, first time players or those who don’t research past the first couple of rounds of rookies won’t look past Brown, Bell, Juju as viable pieces there. Also with McDonalds end of season showing and the fact he’s getting hype most people will be looking late in drafts for either a backup TE with upside or maybe their first TE if they plan to stream as mentioned above McDonald would be high on that list, so Washington either slips to the last round or so or goes unnoticed.

So i guess the focus is just off him as he’s very much the 4th pass catching option there behind Brown, Bell and Juju. Especially in redraft, dynasty he’ll get scooped up but is a WR3/4 with upside week to week but not more at the moment unless there is an injury or he sets the world alight like Fuller did last season for a stretch

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Are we positive Jesse James is done? I think training camp and the preseason will say a lot about the depth. Too early to tel

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