Question on Right Thing To Do

I’m in 1st in my league and have it locked up. Playoffs are only Weeks 15 and 16, so this week doesn’t matter for me, and only top 4 teams make it (10 team league).

I am playing a team that is on the bubble. He wins, he’s in. Another team is also on the bubble with same record, who needs a win and to either outscore my opponent significantly, or a loss from my opponent, and is facing a team who is 1-12 in the league. His team is better (he has Gurley, Brees, Thomas) and would be my first round matchup.

Do I play a lesser lineup, as in do I play guys with tougher matchups, in order to try and lose to my current opponent in order to face him in the playoffs, rather than the Gurley owner?

Valid strategy, but some people in your league may not like that. If put in your shoes, I would definitely try and make sure I play the lesser of the two teams later so throwing on a non-important week would be my play.

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I would say as long as your fielding a full team, play the weaker lineup. It seems shady but its a competitive advantage for you.


yeah like as of now I have Wilson starting over Watson, starting Bears D over Lions D, etc, i feel its shady but I feel like its also good strategy going forward. its a very thin line.