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Its 1000% a veto situation, i would either message your commissioner directly and tell him to look at the trade and to address it with a poll in the league, or if you have a group chat just say out loud that you don’t believe it’s a fair trade and you’d like to discuss it. Now maybe the MT owner is just ignorant/not a savvy owner, but its way too egregious value wise to let it stand, the owner receiving him would be at a massive advantage.

As a commissioner for my league I agree it needs to brought to the whole leagues attention and voted on. I had a friends girlfriend try to trade Gronk (in his prime) for a garbage player on his bench right before playoffs. We voted it down and that was it.

Its a tough situation to be in to tell someone a trade is bogus but I agree 100% this needs to be addressed. The fun is taken out of the game when people get taken advantage of or collude to boost one team.

Okay, thank you. I contacted the Commish about this whole situation.

Unless you are sure that it’s collusion, you don’t veto. Diontae Johnson could score more fantasy points than MT this year, it’s not beyond reason. High ankle sprains are no joke. Unless the MT owner has never played before and has been clearly manipulated, or there is obvious collusion, then I would let this through. I would much rather have Diontae on my team than MT

I actually don’t think I could possibly disagree with you more lol, it’s not just about collusion it’s also about fairness. You’re right in the sense that we won’t know how this injury will play out, but you cant possibly say you’d want the WR2 on on the Steelers that’s currently ranked in the 30s for someone who was the consensus number 1 overall WR. The team receiving him is giving up practically nothing and is gaining a massive advantage over the rest of the league, discouraging fun and competition