Question trade Kareem Hunt?

I have Kareem Hunt. I was offered a trade. Marlon Mack and Sammy Watkins for Hunt. What does the foot clan think? I tried offering him Hunt for Cohen and Mike Evans. I need a WR.

Melvin Gordon
Kareem Hunt
Stefon Diggs
Emmanuel Sanders
T. Burton
Bench: Ito Smith, T.J. Yeldon, Theo Riddick, Godwin, Trubisky

No, that’s a terrible trade, I hate the second trade less but still a no.

You need a different flex not necessarily a WR, Sanders has performed as a WR1 all year and Diggs is a great WR2. Crabtree is bad and I assume why you’re looking to add a new WR. Looking for a flex should not cost you your RB1 an elite one at that.

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You can get a true WR1 and a Rb2/3 for hunt. I’d target Adams, Michael Thomas, Julio Jones, and Hopkins. Also ask for a RB in addition, you won’t get someone super productive, but any RB getting points is worth having. Maybe look for a guy who gets points plus can take over as a lead RB if the starter gets hurt…like a Duke Johnson or Tarik Cohen or Jamaal Williams


For sure I need a flex. It is a pretty deep league with no one on waivers. The only reason I consider trading Hunt is to try to get 2 players for 1 to try and fill that gap. That could be the wrong approach.

Hunt has so much more value than this. He is arguably RB2 only to Gurley ROS.

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I get Hunt is the dude. As I stand though I have 2 of the top 4 backs in the league with Gordon and Hunt. My 2 flex (wr/RB) spots are weak though. Looking to get a 2 for 1 by trading one of them.

None of us are going to advise you to 2 for 1 trade unless your getting the better player

Just remember as you go about your flex is of far less value to you than your RB1 RB2. If you have to take and guess on the flex, it’s worth it to know your RB1/2 are locked and loaded.

But if you feel you have to, get a WR1 & an RB2 n this package. But I’d rather rotate and play matchups on my flex then lose a stud

What about Melvin Gordon, Diggs, and Burton for Marlon Mack, Mike Evans, and Ertz

I have Gordon and Hunt as well and I can tell you that unless I’m getting a RB1 back in a package, both Hunt and Gordon will be standing with me on the podium when we accept our championship trophy. BTW that last package you listed is trash for you. The only upgrade you’re getting is Ertz and the upgrade from Burton to Ertz is not worth downgrading from Gordon to Mack

Don’t do this either… I would see if you can get more out of Gordon or Hunt. They’re arguably 2 and 3 to Gurley… Like someone mentioned above. You’re looking for a MT, Hopkins, Adams, Julio, Thielen type wideout if you’re trading them. Plus a flexworthy rb.

True true. Thanks for the help. Sounds like the best thing to do is stick with my guys and then each week pick good matchup flexs. I did get an offer today as well to trade Brandin Cooks for Emmanuel Sanders.

I would take that offer. Give me Cooks in this deal as long as you’re okay with waiting out they bye week.

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I think the guy who offered it is on drugs and if you accepted it you’d be on drugs. Hunt is arguably the 2nd or 3rd best fantasy RB tied with Kamara only behind Gurley. No chance you make that move. If they want Hunt up the asking price