Questionable trade just made

Trade deadline is tomorrow for this league. 12 team league 6 make playoffs.

4 of us are tied at 7-4. 2 tied at 6-5 for the last 2 playoff spots. 3 at 5-6 and 2 and 4-7. mathematically all 11 of these teams are still alive.

the number 6 team and number 11 team just traded.

6 gets
Tyreek Hill
6th pick next year

11 gets
Carson Wentz
Corey Davis
3rd pick next year.

The only thing that makes this even possibly ok is that Hill and Goff are on bye next week and 11 needs to win out for any chance to make playoffs. Its not a keeper league so I didn’t even think trading picks was allowed in the league. I am trying to determine if I should start complaining about the trade or not.

I’m in first place and just go annihilated by Goff and Tyreek last night. If I had won and eliminated the 11th place team last night I would definitely complain, but with the scenario laid out is this a “fair” trade. But basically now the 6th place team is going to steam roll to the championship unless he gets very unlucky

Brady and Goff at QB
Thielen, Michael Thomas, Tyreek Hill at WR
Zeek and Aaron jones at RB.

I feel like this guy found a co manager because he was like the last place team every year before this and hardly made moves and now has a super team. OMG and he has 2 kickers and 2 TEs on his team. How did this happen.

i’d complain, that trade is far too lopsided with the trade deadline right around the corner.

Team 11 definitely cashed in to get that 3rd round pick in hopes of doing better next year, while team 6 is cashing in and going for gold this year.

I’ve never played with picks to trade, but i think it’s a pretty fair system for poor-record teams to have a better chance the following year, but trading picks has to go hand in hand with a fair trade, he received absolute garbage for 2 top 10 players.

lopsided. look at the qb/wr comparisons comparisons. the only thing that 11 is getting is an extra 3rd round pick? but also losing a 6th?

Help me with mine…?

No one else seems to care including the commiah (not involved in trade but a current playoff team). So I am trying to get Brees and hunt from the last place team now for a 5th round pick.