Questions about starting leagues on the forums

So I want to start a new league with a $25 due. I’ve started a few where the league gets filled but then no one responds to post or pays dues. I’m wondering if anyone has tips on starting a league that actually works. I wanted to start one by next Wed at the latest.

I’ve always used paypal in my leagues but does that work when trying to start a footclan league?

How soon should people be expected to pay dues? I don’t want to be scrambling the day of the draft?

Any tips… or what I should expect when trying to start a league with people on the forums?

A lot of leagues use leaguesafe to handle payment of dues (everyone pays a small fee on top of the amount due). As far as communication, GroupMe works and is probably more convenient for most than a message board and e-mail, but communication works best when you have something to help the group bond. You might find a lot of interest in a ‘themed’ league i.e. Marvel, Game of Thrones etc.

I joined a Game of Thrones themed dynasty league about 2 weeks ago, leaguesafe worked fine, and there has been plenty of chatter in the groupme once everyone got settled.

Good luck with your league!


Hey very cool, I hadn’t heard of LeagueSafe before

is leaguesafe that good? I just get concerned using something new. Heard a few things about payout problems.

This is my first year using it. Collection of dues went smoothly. Payout happens when 51% of the members approve the commissioner’s payout allocation, which they can input at the start of the post season. If things go wrong, I don’t see a scenario where you could not at least get your buy-in back. Getting your
winnings shouldn’t be an issue as long as several people don’t collude to skew the voting against you.