Questions about Sutton, Conner, etc

Hey guys,

So here’s my team:

12 team full PPR

RBs: Dalvin Cook, Royce freeman, burkhead, breida, kerryon, clement

WRs: Amari cooper, Marvin Jones, cooper kupp, Sammy Watkins, Keelan cole.

Guy I’m looking st on waivers are Conner (not sure if it’s worth it), Sutton( really want him, Buck Allen, or Mike Gileslee.

I went for guys with a lot of upside potential this year so I’m very hopeful. I’m thinking Clement and Keelan Cole could go. Would it make sense to bring on Gilly and Sutton for these two?

I’d drop Clement for Conner in a heartbeat. Bell could hold out for weeks, that’s some valuable upside.

Clement for Connor before someone else scoops him up