Questions regarding dynasty auction drafts

I am starting a dynasty auction league with some friends and am looking for advice about the auction draft specific to dynasty leagues.

  1. Do top players got for less money than traditional auctions as there are many more roster spots to fill? Or does the money just run out earlier in the process for most teams?
  2. When should I expect/plan on most of the bids going down to 1 dollar nominations?
  3. If the last 8-10 rounds are all just 1 bid nominations it seems unfair that auctions are not snake format for nominations? Has anybody had problems with that?
  4. Are there any good resources for Average Auction Value (AAV) related specifically to dynasty?


  1. I would say no, they do not go for much less money. Someone will want to pay up. Bidding on top plays will still be aggressive becuase you are securing rights to a player permanently (or until cut or traded).
  2. Hard to say. You could acquire a player for $1 at anytime, especially in an action where multiple players are nominated at one time. If every team nominates a player at once and I nominate Travis Benjamin early, I would expect him to go for $1.
  3. Not knowing the size of your rosters… I would not expect this many rounds of $1 bids. Also, if a player is valuable, than someone will place a higher bid. I’ve never seen this problem.
  4. My Fantasy League - Avergage Auction Values

Thank you! And just when I am creating a sample budget for a 24 man roster, if the top players are going for relatively similar amounts, then my budget runs dry pretty quickly. For example, the AAV you just sent me turn to 1 average around player 150. We will draft like 300, so that would cause this exact problem. I think I might combat this by doing a 2,000 budget rather than 200 which gives more wiggle room at the end.