Quick Dynasty Trade Question - Ajayi vs Shephard

Half PPR dynasty

Was offered Shephard, 1.07
For my Ajayi, 2019 2nd, 3.04 (2018)

Should I accept this? I’m banking on an OBJ trade here (moving Shephard up the totem pole) and that the 1.07 yields something useful. I also have two 2019 firsts so the 2019 2nd is less valuable to me, in addition to the 2018 3rd (I also have the 3.08).

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I say do the trade. I think you are getting the best player and the pick.

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Now that Cooks went to the Rams, a top landing spot for OBJ, I think OBJ says in NY. I also think with Blount gone, Ajayi could have a breakout year on a great offense, score double digit TDs, keep in mind what he did two years ago.

All that being said, the 1.07 should get you a good RB, possibly even better than Ajayi; so, I say take the trade but temper expectations for Shephard and go hard after an RB in the draft.

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@joshv725 @michael_pounders thanks for the advice! Also to note I have the 1.01… and depth at RB (CMC, Drake, Howard, Thompson).

Shepard has shown what he is: good but not elite slot guy. But I would do the trade for the pick.

With CMC, Howard and the 1.01 (Barkley, I hope) I would take this.

Given your RB depth; I would do the deal and then try to flip the 1.07.
I’m thinking 1.07, Drake, and maybe Thompson for Gordon, Cook, or Freeman.
Or even the 1.07 and Howard for Cook, Gordon, Hunt or Fournette.
It may be unlikely to get the deal done but its worth sending out feelers.

If your starting RB core is CMC, Barkely, and one of those 3 I think you’re set.

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If trade Ajayi for the pick straight up, so yes, this is a solid trade

@DFWB @AdamRich84 @michael_pounders @uri_strauss @joshv725

Accepted! Do you guys think I should flip the 1.07 for a RB? Any RBs I could acquire for the 1.07 straight up… or do I need pair it with one of my RBs?

RBs: CMC, Howard, 1.01 (Barkley), Drake, Gio, Thompson, Procise.

WRs: Green, Landry, Thielen, Funchess, Cobb, Shepard, JJ Nelson, Decker, Maclin, Chad Williams

@michael_pounders would you target Mixon in addition to the three you mentioned?

I think that you should keep the pick for now. You already have the 1.01 and you may be able to package the 1.07 with a player to move up in the draft. You could also use that pick to gather additional picks.

You’re getting saquon with the 1.1, right? The 1.7 is valuable this year since there are more than 7 high-upside RBs. If I was in your position i’d be looking to package Landry or thielen, both overvalued, for an elite wr. I’d try todo it without giving up the 1.7, but if you could get the obj or Allen Robinson owner to take Landry and the 1.7, I’d do it.

I should probably start a separate topic on why Landry is so overvalued but basically: coming iff a touchdown outlier year on a team with hardly anyone else to pass to, going to a place with elite receiving rb, future-elite tight end competing for the dump-offs. Not clear Landry is an intermediate route guy but if he is he’s competing with Coleman. Plus he’s a prima donna who I can totally see missing games for a bigger contract. I dumped him for Doug Baldwin and I’m glad I did.

If you already have the 1.01 take this! The 1.01 should be Barkley and assuming the next picks are the top QBs you should still have your choice of another stud RB in this draft or even a guy like Ridley.

I highly doubt any QB will go in the first half of the first round (if any go in the first at all) in most dynasty drafts.

@nbyers20 @uri_strauss @DFWB @joshv725

Thanks. And yes this is a 1 QB league so probably no QBs in the first round of the rookie draft.

I definitely want to keep the pick. Though I do have some interested in Shepard. Would you guys trade him for the right price? Maybe something along the lines of Crowder and Aaron Jones for Shepard? That may be the Packer fan speaking in me because I think Jones could be the lead back.

I would trade anyone for the right price, but that’s probably not it for me.

Swap out Crowder for Kenny Stills. Is that any better?

So Stills, Jones for Shepard.

Yes absolutely; but, not with Howard and the 1.07. For Mixon, I would look to trade the 1.07 with Drake or Thompson.

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