Quick moral/fairness question

I have Jay Ajayi just sitting for a bit wait to see if maybe the Texans pick him up cause I think it makes sense. Is it fair to put him in a IR spot? Or is that a waste. I’m new to dynasty and done know how it really works. Also is Gronk worth picking up off waivers in dynasty to throw on IR. or to just stash in general.

if you have the spots, and your league rules allow it, then yeah its worth it to stash and wait. just dont be afraid to dump them once you need those IR spots.

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So they’re not locked in for any amount of time? I can just drop em whenever?

Meant to reply to you but comment above is for you haha

well thats still a league settings thing. not all are the same but most of the ones i have allow that. especially if they come back and arnt on the IR in real life, then its a requirement that they come off of your fantasy IR. so i would check your settings, or even message your commish to clarify the rule.

I appreciate the input! Thanks man

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The way I always look at it is if every owner in the league can do what you’re doing, then go for it.

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