Quick opinion on offer for dalvin cook?

I’d be recieving D. Murray and choice of Carson, Powell, or Perine…any of these get the blood pumping…cook excites me so I’m leaning towards pushing him harder or saying no Thank! Seems like a pretty easy No but hey any football talk is good talk!

I’d lean towards keeping cook, but depends on the rest of you roster and your weekly lineup configuration

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That’s tough. I have no idea what to expect out if Minn going forward. I’m a seller on Murray in most cases, but I’d at least consider this.

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Starting lineup
A. Brown
K…bench is Doug Martin, D jax, Jon Stewart, Blount,Shepard mike Wallace

Thanks for the reply!

I like both The combos of cook/Martin or Murray/Martin going foreword once Martin is back from suspension. Carson could be a nice depth upgrade, but Murray already has been battling the hammy issue and could also be battling for snaps with Henry too. I don’t think the backup upgrade is worth the risk. Maybe Abdullah will have a decent game and you can flip him for something better in the next couple weeks

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Awesome Appreciate The Opinion Man!