QUICK QUESTION! -Zach Ertz or an unknown 2019 1st Round (rookie draft) Pick

Fellow Footclanners… I have Zach Ertz, but I’m considering trading him for what would be an unknown position 1st round draft pick in 2019. I have Trey Burton as well, and am just a little concerned about Zach’s concussion history. It’s a single TE-mandatory league. Which side would you rather be on here?

Ertz. He’s still only 27 and tied to a great QB and probably has another 4-5 years in his prime. Don’t get all the Burton hype. You think that Trubisky can actually support a WR1 (Robinson), WR2 (Miller) and TE1? Dude has shown nothing on the field and has to adapt to a totally new offense. Also burton is old AF already.

Put another way, if you used that 2019 pick, you’d be extremely happy if you got someone with Ertz level production at an extremely scarce position.