Quick trade advice and Roster Moves

I’d get Hill but giving up Allen and Godwin? Full PPR.

Current Team:
QB - Ryan
RBs - Kamara, DJ, Jones, Singletary, Coleman, White
WRs - Hopkins, Allen, Amari Cooper, Godwin,
TE - Engram

I feel that’s a lot for just hill. Does he have an extra rb you could add to the trade

He has Gurley, Royce Freeman and Devonata Freeman. Not really anyone I’m interested in tbh

It’s okay he wants me to overpay with an RB and Godwin but Jones or Kamara seem to much for a WR. I really only wanted to explore getting a week winning upside guy on the team.

On a side note, I need to start holding two DSTs and the odd handcuff or insurance QB for the playoff push - is it right to drop DJ if you can’t trade him? It’s really him and Singletary the rest are hold or trade for me