Quick trade advice Bell for Hunt+Dez+Martin

Hi guys, offer on table is Lev Bell and T. Coleman for my Hunt Dez Bryant and D Martin

0.5PPR 8man league on a 5-3 record. My other RBS are Freeman A. Jones, zeke and Howard and wrs are Thomas Evans Cooper and Baldwin.

What do you reckon? Should I pull the trigger?

I’d be getting jordy Nelson for A. Jones to cover Bryants spot

Any advice welcome…

I’ll respond because no one responds to my questions and I know how annoying it is. The only issue on the trade has to deal with your weakening yourself at WR. Jordy and all of GB are trash without rodgers and none of them apart from maybe jones or ty (depending who figures out how to run in which week) have any value. So really this comes down to if you want to swap Hunt for Bell.