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Quick trade help fellas


I’m being offered Cohen for Michael Floyd, is this a no brainer? I feel like Cohen was a flash and had been abandoned by John Fox, while Floyd still has potential as a productive flex receiver after a couple weeks back in the game.

12 team .5pt PPR
I’ve got Marlon Mack, Breida, Abdullah, and Alex Collins for RB’s
WR core is Solid with Brown, Hopkins, Adams, and Hill.


Why are you trading for a #3 receiver (#4 if add Rudolph in the mix)? You need some immediate RB help. If you do make that trade, try to package him with another one of your WRs to get a RB.


Sorry, other way around. I have Floyd on my bench, and he wants to give me cohen for him


Oh, I see, sorry I misunderstood. You have a really solid set of WRs, you should try to trade maybe Adams or Hill, or maybe package one of them for a RB. If Abdullah were to get hurt, you don’t have a starting RB.


I’m working hill for Ingram, 90% sure it’s a done deal after this week.

Do you think Cohen merits a bench stash at this point, or is he cooked?


He seems like the type of player that needs one or two truly explosive plays to be fantasy relevant, but if those plays don’t come then he’s getting you close to nothing. There’s no doubting his skills but players like that are so frustrating to try to plug in your line up because they’re so unpredictable.


I agree, that’s the way I was leaning. I think it’s best to steer clear of this situation entirely.