Quick trade help!

I was offered Michael Thomas for Tyreek Hill/Marshawn Lynch. 0.5PPR, Team is below

Elliott, Lynch, Kamara, Darkwa, Smallwood, Mack, Morris
Hill, Cooks, Gabriel
Steelers DST

I don’t think I would do this at all. Hill and Thomas are pretty equilavent in my opinion. and beastmode sux but hes still got some upside he could produce. Your backs aren’t the greatest.

Will you be able to pick up anyone of worth from waivers with that spot or can he throw in a backup rb. I actually like the deal. Hill has a bye coming and has hobbled around the last few weeks plus I’m always frustrated when he’s used in special teams. Thomas is a no brainer wr1 start every week. And it means you can play match ups with Gabriel and cooks

Really no one to throw in with Thomas besides maybe Blount but don’t feel that’s necessary

Thanks for the reply!

I would do it.
Mike Thomas is better than Hill