Quick trade talk

my rbs are stacked w hunt mccoy cohen howard and montgomery. can only start 3, need another wr, thoughts on dealing mccoy for doug baldwin? not really in love w it, but havent gotten a bite on any better offers

Could you maybe work a package of McCoy & a lesser WR for Evans or AJ?

I don’t love that trade, wait until after the weekend when McCoy goes off against a soft falcons rush D. At this point you would be selling low and not getting fair value in return. McCoy should bring you a top tier WR, maybe package McCoy and a lesser WR for Jordy Nelson. Or at this point a straight up for Julio since he hasn’t had the best production to start the season either

yeah i took a shot mccoy n ginn for nelson n the guy wasnt into it, the baldwin owner has jones also, but wouldnt do it straight up. could add cohen in but seemed like too much also. might just sit on it till after the weekend, hope mccoy goes off n maybe get jones then. thanks

yeah ill take a shot at it, half the leagues a lil slow w responding to trades so was trying to just deal w this guy.

Patience is a virtue my friend. It is indeed frustrating getting no response to trade requests though lol

agreed, at least reject it so i know where you stand, just sits there for a week n drives me nuts. forgot to mention its a full point ppr, that change ur thoughts at all?