QUICK WHO do I drop and for who?

M. stafford

Also should I drop M. Brown for Justin Jefferson or someone else?

.5 ppr

Are those your only 2 QB’s? If so i’d drop Minshew and keep rolling out Stafford.

and are you talking about Marquise brown or Malcom brown? If it’s Malcom, it wouldn’t be a bad choice to get WR depth, if Marquise then deff not.

Yes that those are my only QB. and this league will only allow max 4 WR and 4 RB per team. It is Hollywood, he hasn’t been doing much.
My roster is

D. Montgomery
A. Gibson
Jk Dobbins

M. Thomas
M Hollywood Brown

Who do I target. I am 0-3

Ok so I dropped minshew. Would someone please help an 0-3 team

I’d drop Hines grab Jefferson and then try to do either a package upgrade at RB or do a WR for RB trade.