Quite the pickle, thoughts?

so its coming down to several decisions but i need a defense this week, or do i…??? probably do lol

i currently have Aaron Jones, Chris Carson, James Robinson, David Johnson and Hasty, would you drop Hasty today and pick up a defense? he is more of a rental, but he is projeted to ball tonight. team im playing has jerick

but then that leaves me with a flex choice of wobbled Carson or Hollywood.

OR drop Burrow and keep streaming week to week on QB?

bench: jones, carson, woods, hollywood, fulgham, tee higgins, burrow

If you need a win this week I would not let Hasty go just yet. Jones is out tonight and Carson should play but that is TBD. None of your guys are a good drop but it happens. I might drop Hollywood. Not a strong passing offense. He is boom or bust. Who is your QB this week?

Depends on what D/ST available. Miami could be a sneaky play this week. I’m rolling NE.

In general, if you want to win, it’s best to play a D/ST. You never know if they’ll get a random TD. Unless it’s something like Dallas vs PIT, which I would rather not play at all.

I would drop Hasty with your RB squad.

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Cam freaking Newton… Scooped Stafford but he got the covid

Was thinking Hollywood too, hard to let hasty go with his slate tonight.

I def think I need a defense. Both our teams are 3-5 and needing desperately to win.

Defense on waivers

Jets (ugh)
Titans (ehhhh)
Falcons (ugh)
Pack (ehh)
And it gets worse from there

Go titans easily. Drop Hasty or Hollywood.

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Yeah I think that’s the move I was starting see.

Appreciate the back and forth here ballers. Lfg