R. Anderson Replacement ROS

So right now I’m looking like the fool that drafted Robby Anderson. Currently Tyler Lockett, Enunwa and Kenny Stills are all available on waiver so my question is:

In a 1/2 pt PPR would you rather have Anderson, Lockett, Enunwa or Still the rest of season?
(my other receivers are: K. Allen, Hogan, Cobb, Goodwin & Agholor if it matters)

PS, I have shopped Robby but no one is biting, they all see that 1 target and shy away.


Stills is my favorite of the bunch. News out today that Gase and Tannehill are praising him and want to get him more targets underneath on top of the long ball. Picking between him and Anderson on a 1 week sample size is tough though

Thanks, I’m not trying to over react I just really hated the 1 target. I’d be more comfortable with McCown

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If you can pick Enunwa I would grab him. He was suppose to be the wr1 there last year before he got hurt and he seems to have a good connection going with Darnold. So I like the volume with him there. But honestly Stills isn’t a bad choice either so I think you will be fine either or. I would try pick the one you think will have a better offense but it’s hard to decide on a one week sample size