R. Cobb or M. Valdes - Scanting?

ROS standard who would you roster?

Cobb but I don’t like it. MVS would benefit more I think from Allison missing time than Cobb.

MVS has upside and keep appeal but he’s got to get on the field regularly first.

I’d rather stash MVS if I could than pick up Cobb hoping to get consistent play from him. I’d rather just stream weekly WR plays.

I have Cobb on my bench as a 4th wr others are Jeffrey, Diggs, Adams he is just there not sure if I should keep or drop

Cobb isn’t going to be active. Neither is Allison latest I checked so play MVS this week.

In terms of rostering, I’d probably rather have MVS. Even if Cobb gets right, I think he’s worked himself into a bigger role than people expect.