R. Freeman and Cole for Ingram and Powell?

Non-PPR league. He has Hill but is weak at WR otherwise. I’m weak at RB and was hoping to sell Cole after a good week.

Other owner also has Kamara and Cook at RB so he seems set there.

Does this seem fair?

I am trying to use the hype on Watkins too but if he doesnt bite, I would try upgrading the WR.

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I like it. Things don’t look good for Royce and Ingram is about to come back and become a low-end RB1.


Sorry for the confusion! I switched Keelan Cole in for Watkins cause he’s Jacksonville’s WR1 and I thought it might appeal more.

Also have Allen, Jones Jr, Robinson, and Kupp at WR to offer

New proposal that came through

I give up: R Freeman, Rudolph, and Cole or Watkins

I get: Ingram, Powell, Kittle


I would give Watkins and absolutely would I do this trade.

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Thank you! It’s changed slightly since then, here’s what we’re at now

Give: Devonta Freeman, Cole, Rudolph

Get: Dalvin Cook, Ingram, Kittle

I think I’m gonna accept but would love more input. Thanks!

Yeah, Id still do that.

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Thanks for all your help! Went ahead and accepted this trade. Definitely strengthened my RBs

Jesus, you’re ripping them out.