R. Freeman? C. Hogan? A. Gallaway?

I’m about to put in a claim for Mike Davis. I probably won’t get him, but if I do, then who should I drop?

Freeman is getter almost no touches and has been a major disappointment for everyone that drafted him including me. He’s really efficient though, and I think he will be amazing if Phillip Lindsay were to get hurt.
Hogan has been another disappointment. I feel like there is still potential for big games, but It’s going to be impossible to start him and I have better and more dependable WRs.
Gallaway continues to drop balls and make mistakes and I feel like he’s going to see less and less action unless he turns it around ASAP.


Hogan probably.

Freeman may be frustrating but hold him if you can. RB are harder to come by generally speaking since I don’t know your league specs.

But I get it. Coach says he needs to get him more touches and he gets FIVE CARRIES. Just don’t rage drop on him yet. He got 6 YPC but they got smashed and Booker was out there for six targets AGAIN.

Agree. I’d drop hogan.

Callaway still presents a tonne of upside if he ever figures out these drops. And honestly, even if he doesn’t he’s just by far and away the best weapon and only deep threat on that team. And Baker likes him, same draft class and they seem to have some chemistry.

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Not even close, it’s drop Chris hogan. Trust us, we alllll would have loved for that to have worked out as we imagined…

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its a 12 person league with deep benches. so RBs are very tough to come by

thanks guys. I just put in a waiver claim