R Freeman or D Singletary off waivers this week?

My RBs- Chubb, M Gordon, Damien Williams, L McCoy. Full PPR

Got Chubb on a bye, Gordon hasn’t produced yet and the Chief’s RBs are a nightmare.

I’m starting Gordon and was planning on picking up a RB this week. If I pick up R Freeman it will be for a spot start against the Chiefs and I’ll start Gordon and Freeman.

If I pick up Singletary then I’ll start Gordon and one from McCoy/Williams and hold Singletary to see how he pans out? As my RB production is shaky at best.

Any advice would be appreciated

Singletary! You know what Royce will do. Singletary has some fantastic potential


Even if that means starting a Chief this week…yikes!

Ugh start Singletary against Miami?

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I guess you could hoping for a Bills blow out but if I picked him up I’d be holding him and starting Gordon and McCoy this week…yikes!

Why would it need to be a blow out? He’s already shown efficiency on only like 13 touches. Plus what better matchup to come back and show off your rookie RB than the Dolphins

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