R.Freeman or J.Williams

Hi guys,

Who should I put in as RB2 in a standard league, Royce Freeman or Jamaal Williams? Or, should I drop Diggs from my flex spot and pick them both?

It’s an 8 team league hence the quality choices.

I think Cousins’ long ball acumen and John DeFilippo’s inheritance of Doug Pederson’s approach to play calling favors Diggs over Thielen and that he could have a lot of productive Sundays this year. So do lots of other people. Unless we are all way off about this, he should always be in your lineup.

And I like Royce’s talent better than Williams’ (who is also a bit dinged up at present, isn’t he?).

Neither of them has a cakewalk matchup, but i like Royce’s matchup v Seattle better than Jamaal’s v da Bears.

I’d keep Diggs in as flex and play Royce as your RB2.


I’m with Saturn, it’s Diggs and Royce for me too.

Definitely Diggs and Royce from my end.

Thanks guys, I’ll probably roll with that and see how it pans out.