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R kelley, buck allen or chris johnson


which RB should I go with for week 4? I know kelley is Questionable but i think he plays


Not Buck Allen. In standard, I’d play Kelley (only if he plays, obviously) and in PPR I’d go Thompson. It is kind of a crap shoot with Kelley coming back, you never know how effective he’ll be, but Gruden keeps talking about how Kelley is their back and Thompson won’t be getting more work.


I agree. Thompson is looking good.


you dont like C johnson as a starter against SF?
PS Im in 12 man PPR and thompson is long gone haha


I totally read that as Chris Thompson, my bad. I dont love Chris Johnson in PPR (I have him in my PPR too) as he doesn’t do any receiving. In PPR, I hate saying this, but I might go Buck Allen… only because of those three hes the only one who has receptions (I really don’t like it though).
If you have a feeling Kelley or Johnson may get in for a TD this week, then I’d go for them. SF was gashed by Gurley so maybe Chris Johnson will be able to do the same. That’s a hard situation to choose man, anyone of those three could do great or awful.