R. Willson A. Dalton M. Stafford

Some one dropped R. Willson. Would you pick him up!?!? I have Dalton and Stafford.

Moving on up

Yeah. I’d drop either one for Wilson.

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Not sure if it matters but it’s 0.5 PPR

I would rather have Wilson ROS…

He is past his bye week and is a weekly start so if you get him try to package which ever quarterback you have left between Dalton/Stafford in a trade to upgrade RB/WR or drop them if there is a decent WR/RB on waivers to add depth at those positions…

Wilson tends to fly straight later in the season. I have Dalton and still do not feel good about him against the worst D. Even if Wilson has a bad game I don’t see them pulling him like Dalton last week which killed me.

I would Get Wilson. Whoever dropped him is being silly.

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Thanks guys! I’m gonna pull the trigger. Who would be your choice of drop for Wilson, would you drop Stafford or Dalton?

I would drop Stafford for Wilson. Dalton has a sweet matchup this week.

I was thinking the same thing.