R Wilson or Trubisky ROS?

Considering dropping Sutton (will never play him) for Trubisky (need him with Cousins being my only QB). But I think i can trade for Wilson with Sutton.

So question is, who is better to own ROS, Wilson or Trubisky?

Wilson for me by quite a bit.

Mind to expand on that Mike? To date Trubi is 14th QB on the season and Wilson 21st, in our league. I know Wilson is known for late runs, but i’m personally afraid that trend ends 2018.

They both have pretty good matchup so I wouldn’t fight you if you took trubisky, but I prefer Wilsons schedule a bit more and I am just choosing trusting in Wilson over Trubisky.

Watching Trubisky play gives me a hibbijibees. The man throws like 4+ interceptions a game which are dropped. The negative regression is going to hit there. He definitely does provide a very solid rushing floor which is what Wilson used to do but no longer does.

Their schedules are actually similar in opponents but I have more faith in a Wilson vs Goff/Rodgers/Mahomes matchup being a shootout than I do of a Trubisky vs Goff/Rodgers. That Mahomes vs Wilson at home matchup for championship week is the one I am most interested in.

I’m also more sensitive to INTs in my leagues cause i play -3 and -4 INT leagues so those can absolutely kill you. And in some of the games vs weaker opponents, Bears D might just completely shut them down, like last week vs buffalo where even though bears blow them out, Trubisky doesn’t really do too much on his end.

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Thanks for taking time to put that together. My league is -2 no per interception no matter what. We also have +10 at the 300 & 400 mark for QBs. This is the main area I’m leaning Trubisky on, yardage.

The Seahawks seem determined to be a run-first team and now that Penny has had a breakout game, maybe they’ll be even more determined. But I traded for Wilson a few weeks ago and have been hoping that eventually they’ll scheme things so that they aren’t limiting their best offensive weapon by keeping him in the pocket so much or just handing off. Last year he was a wild man, improvising plays with his arm and his legs and I think that’s what he does best. This year it just isn’t happening and maybe it’s all to try to protect him. But man, I wish they’d cut him loose a bit more.

Do you think anything changes in their offensive approach in the last few weeks?

BTW, I have Luck and have been very happy with him, even in difficult matchups. But I traded for Wilson for a higher ceiling than I’m seeing so far.

They are definitely a super run heavy team so wilson isn’t getting as much yardage as he was last year. But if you look at his output, he’s still doing very well on a week to week basis cause he puts up a decent amount of TDs.

However, as I’ve said before, I still prefer luck to him and if I had luck, I wouldn’t have traded for Wilson.