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R. Woods & M. Ingram or K. Allen & J. Howard

Which side of this trade would you rather have?

Appreciate your opinions.

allen/howard. i see ingram and howard as having the same role in their respective offenses, whereas allen is a major upgrade over woods.

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Ingram owner and Iggles fan here. I’ve watched every game for both teams and Ingram and Howard are not the same player for their teams. Howard is a spell back who gets goal line and critical situation looks. Ingram is the lead back in the middle of the field and gets almost all goal line looks.

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i know that’s been his role so far but it sounds like pederson wants to start using him the way he was used in chicago, which would be fantastic news for howard owners on a very strong eagles offense. i acknowledge completely that ingram is the better fantasy asset at rb, but adding keenan allen into the mix makes it too enticing for me to pass up if one is optimistic about howard’s prospects for an increased role in his offense going foward

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I think I still like Keenan + Howard to be fair, but I don’t think the decision is as clear cut as saying Ingram = Howard. Howard WILL be getting more work but mainly because Sanders has ball control issues, and also can’t seem to convert in short yardage situations.


Awesome feedback, guys.

I traded away Woods and Ingram in this situation. I felt like I could take the slight downgrade to Howard with the upgrade to Allen.

I have Chubb, Aaron Jones & Shady as my other backs.


Good trade, upgrade to Allen was worth risk of down-grade (which is only a risk, not a sure thing) to Howard