Raheem Mostert

Always the other guy.

That will be my blanket advice going forward for anyone posing a “Mostert or ________” start/sit question.

Don’t care about the matchup or projected workload. Completely fine with being wrong on the rare occasion that he stays out there long enough to be useful.

I’m not saying cut him. I’m not saying don’t start him if you have no other options.

But if there’s a choice to make……always the other guy.


I feel like we all should have seen this coming… I mean didnt even make it through the half…

Too much for me to overcome so 0-1 and also big thanks to Aaron Rodgers. Did just as much as Mostert…

I would agree…I fell for it again. I had him in so many DFS lineups too.

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Yep he got me too, even had the added joy of Sermon being IA on the bench and the other, other guy going off.

49er RBs - seriously drop for landmines and let someone else figure it out, or see how bad Mostert is hurt? If serious i’ll hold Sermon but if not I’m considering the double drop and just move on.

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Add me to the fooled list. I expected 3 games. I got him late in a few and figured I can ride him for a few games and trade or just dump him. Sadly no.

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