Raiders backfield - 1/2 PPR - Who has more value?

As fate would have it, I dropped Jalen RIchard to grab Nick Chubb only to hear about Beast Mode possibly going on IR. Unreal, I thought I had the jump on my league grabbing Chubb, then drop a solid PPR player in Richard…

My GF then snatched up Doug Martin to at least have a startable piece, but which is the better option to own ROS? Richard or Martin? Should I have her put in a waiver claim for Richard?



It all depends on who she is planning on dropping in place of Richard. I wouldn’t drop Martin for him if that is what you are asking. Martin will get the first crack at the backfield with beast mode gone. So for starters we gotta roll the dice with him.

However, if she has a burner spot on our her roster that she can toss Richard in to wait and I see, I would snag both. But if you have to go with only one, I would go Martin.

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I had a $1 faab bid on Chubb Wednesday that I decided to cancel because I wanted to give Royce Freeman one more chance -_- Now I’m probably just going to keep Freeman and see what happens, there are literally no backs worth picking up in my league that aren’t deep deep stashes linke John Kelly, Kalen Ballage, etc.

You got the best back with Chubb regardless, that is a victory in its own right. As for OAK, they have been picking a different player on offense to feature each week from what it seems like to me. I don’t trust any of them. Between Martin or Richard its a tough call. Predicting OAK is difficult. I don’t think Martin just slots right into Lynch’s role, but if he’s the starter he’s the starter. He’ll get first chance.

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Agree here. I think we’ll see Doug on the goal line. The question is whether the Raiders can even get all the way down there anymore…Jalen’s the better PPR play though.

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She has 2 defenses (Carolina & JAX), 2 QB’s (Goff & Dalton), and now has 2 TE’s (Jimmy G. on bye and Uzomah which she is starting). IDK if I can get her to drop one of the defenses or the QB’s to pickup Richard…

She also has Yeldon and Fournette occupies the IR slot…

Powell, Clement, and Matin round out the RB’s on her roster

Diggs, Jeffery, Westbrook, Woods, and Adams are her WR’s

Why does she have carolina as a D? They aren’t even good lol. Wentz is going to light them up this weekend.

I’d rather have RIchard than Martin. Martin walks into the lynch role, except he’s not as good of a runner. I didn’t even want to own the lynch role to begin with.

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What do you really think of Carolina D? LOLOL! They got lit up at home by the Giants and lost to Redskins last week…

Look, she likes to keep multiple defenses, IDK what to say, she has been whooping my butt the last few years so I don’t really meddle with her unless there is breaking injury news… I feel bad for not just getting Chubb on her lineup instead of mine since she has a better chance to win…

Thinking of cashing the Eagles for my survivor pick this week. Freaking hellish stretch picking the Panthers to beat the Giants, and the Packers to beat the 49ers.

What is Hyde’s value any more anyway? Is he worth shopping to the Fournette owner?

I usually roster 2 defenses too, usually towards the second half of the season. Especially this season with the new rules that allow scoring like crazy. Right now I have the Colts and the Pats, so I have back to back games against the Bills w/o Josh Allen. I could potentially have back to back games against the Titans too which could be nice, but I would also have to play the Pats against Green Bay in Foxboro week 9, lol. If my record is still looking good I might just do it, should be all alone in 1st after this week if things go right. I don’t roster defenses because of the team they are, mostly just due to matchups more than anything.

In my league Fournette and Hyde are now on the same team anyway. I personally am not interested in either right now. Fournette is just not trustworthy by this point to me, and its a busy backfield. Yeldon, Charles, Hyde, and Fournette. I knew something was really wrong after they signed Charles, now they add Hyde too? I don’t see Fournette getting the heavy workload that made him so valuable, and I think this just turns into a committee. Couldn’t hurt to offer Hyde for something if you got him.

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While you guys are here, you all seem to know what you’re talking about. Is it worth blowing a ton of faab on Chubb? I have $38 left, cannot make moves without any. Say I thrown down $35/$36 down? Check out my team

M. Gordon
J. Howard
T. Hill
J. Gordon
Bench: Meredith, R. Freeman, A. Callaway, Ekeler, Mayfield. Would drop Pats D/ST.

I don’t know if its worth it or if it would even be enough but feel like I would easily have the best team in the league if Chubb worked out. What do you think? It could totally ruin my season too.

N/M, the guy I beat last week just dropped someone and has the 2nd most faab in the league. His running backs are Barkley, Ingram, Kerryon, Ito Smith, and most likely Chubb. I am really glad I don’t have to play that guy at least until the playoffs, holy heck his team is stacked everywhere except receiver.

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