Raiders D or Baltimore D

Have the steelers D to start the season and while their 19 points in my league was awesome… Im not sure I want to play them against the Vikings after watching them last night.

Thinking of picking up either Baltimore or the raiders…

Baltimore has the browns week 2 and then Jax week 3.

Raiders have the Jets week 2 and Buffalo week 3.

Which of these two teams would you rather have week 2 & 3?

I’m leaning alittle bit more towards the raiders but both will be good pickups I think

I have the Steelers D as well and I’m feeling a similar way. That being said, if the Baltimore D were on my waiver wire, I’d be snapping them up. They are LEGIT at home and get to play against a rookie QB this week. I’ll grant you that the Browns are likely a better offense than the Jets, but I’d argue that the Baltimore D is much better than the Oakland D. Just my 2 cents.