Raiders TE target split

What do you the target split and fantasy relevance will Waller, Moreau and Witten will be? under Carr loves Waller so i think he will get at least 50-55% of target and at least 6-7 TDS, Moreau had a good season too and deserves a big role in the offense too this year (why pick up a washed up Witten I have no idea)

I can forsee a target share of 50-55% for Waller, 25% for Moreau and 20% Witten (mostly short yardage and red zone plays). But under Mariota can see a decrease in waller from 50-55% to 40-45% and 30% for Moreau though. Witten will be lucky to get 400 receiving yards this year, especially with Nelson Aglohor being acquired and pushing Tyree Williams for WR1.

Im not sure if this helps, but I own Waller in a keeper league and am actively trying to sell him. His numbers look great but that was with a depleted WR core and games with Hunter Renfroe back his number plummeted. So im trying to sell high off of last season stats. Hope this helps but idk

the acquisition of Jason Witten Complicates the TE target share, I was hoping Foster Moreau after being full fit had a chance to complete for TE1 has continue to have TD upside. Nelson Aglohor could be good now as of the shadow of Alshon Jeffrey. I am expecting neither Tyree Williams or Nelson Aglohor to break 1,000 yard but Renfrow will having less TDs, can see both Williams ans Aglohor getting at least 5-6 each and Renfrow 4 max, as Josh Jacobs rushes for 12-13 and 1300-1400 yards.