Railroad Crossings - Thank Andy!

I joined the Fantasy Footballers because I would run RAILROAD CROSSINGS all the time! Then I was listening to your podcast and Andrew aka Andy suggested not crossing RAILROAD CROSSINGS when the arms are down. So the next time I came to a RAILROAD CROSSING I stopped and waited, if I had done my usual flip-and-twist and cross the RAILROAD without a second thought I WOULD BE SMASHED and CRUSHED under the weight of the mighty locomotive. Instead I am alive and ready to take my Fantasy Football leagues this year!

ANDY SAVED MY LIFE and now I NEED Jason and the Hitman to save my Fantasy Football Teams!

PS - Does Mike the Hitman and Jason hate each other? They seem to have an underlining animosity that is palpable in each podcast. the only thing that saves the day is ANDY! Thanks for your hard work and the podcast. GO EAGLES!