Rams and Ravens

I’ve got the Ravens Defense and several Rams (Woods, Everett, and Zuerlein). I just grabbed the Browns Defense and they play Miami.

Should I start the Ravens defense and sit the Rams? I could throw another TE in if needed but would need to get them on the waiver. Can I trust any Rams this week? Zuerlein?

Woods burned me, so probably too biased in my answer … he’s been a bit of a bust this year. I wouldn’t think twice about Z. You’ll probably be hard pressed to find a better TE. If Ebron’s out, maybe Doyle (but his zero with Woods zero had me amongst the droppers). You know the rest–Hollister, Griffen, Fant, etc.–any left?

Browns D against Miami (who gives up a high floor) is pretty safe, but Ravens could crush the Rams, too. Probably a good problem to have.

In summary, play Z, probably play Everett, see if you can pivot from Woods, and flip a coin between your Ds–higher floor for Cleveland because of Miami, but Ravens are probably more likely to get a TD. Don’t forget that Cleveland is down a couple of key D players due to last week’s melee!