Rams or Pittsburgh Defense ROS

Hey everyone,
I currently have the RAMS Defense and notice that their upcoming schedule is not favorable. With the Pittsburgh Defense still available on the waiver wire, do you think I should drop the RAMS for the Steelers for the remainder of the season or should I stay as is? Thanks for the help.

Pittsburgh does have Patriots in week 15. I would say yes with the caveat being you need to find an alternative in week 15.

That’s what you would want, right? A defense that is good, getting in playoffs and making a run and hopefully leading to the Super Bowl- right?

I ask this only because I am trying to figure out a defense to pick up myself. I have been streaming all year and would rather not have the chance of a half ass decent defense not producing (AHEM- JETS last week!)
I just saw Vikings D on waiver and picked them up. Hoping they produce. I did see Pittsburgh D and am wondering if I should have grabbed them instead.