Rams WRs - Roster multiple

is it crazy to roster 2 of the rams WRs. If you had Cooks and Kupp, they could both be started any week, right?

The commish of my league has that exact tandem and was starting both as 1 and 2 each week thus far

Not crazy at all!
Goff spreads the ball around. They’re a really balanced unit putting up a lot of points.

Cooks is going to get you more yardage and still has TD appeal.

Kupp pulls in short gains but is an absolute RZ monster.

K good because i have a chance to turn Zeke, thielen, Jordan Howard, Watkins into Mixon, Ingram, Cooks, Kupp. Would you do this if you could?

i think the other owner is stupid unless his team is stacked, so yes, absofrigginlutely

Well that’s dealing with 2 separate owners

Zeke/Watkins for Ingram/Cooks.

Thielen/Howard for Mixon/Kupp.

ahhh, much more reasonable lol

Two separate owners makes more sense…

I would absolutely make those deals if that is your end results. Hit accept and don’t look back!

In a heartbeat. In my mind you’re trading two high end starters for 4 mid-high end starters. Howard might find his groove, but why risk waiting it out? And at the moment I don’t see mixon OR Ingram as that much of a downgrade from zeke, getting both is a steal

I have the confirmation of the zeke for Ingram deal in place.

Owner of Mixon is thinking it over.

Best of luck!
Good dealing–Kupp is out for a couple of weeks with a sprained MCL but all us Kupp owners know the Kupp is half full… He’s gonna do us all right when he’s back.

Yeah an i just traded marvin jones and a 6th round pick for Landry and a 10th. It’s standard scoring, don’t think i mentioned that earlier.

Would you rather trade zeke/watkins for TY/Hunt instead of Ingram/Cooks?

I think I likely would rather do the TY and hunt deal. I see Hunt as a tier above Ingram ROS and TY and cooks are in the same tier

i don’t love it as much, but only by a smidge. I would still most likely do it though. I’m just unsure of TY’s status, isn’t he hurt or something rn?

tdster17 is correct though, Hunt is definately a better back, but i rate cooks much higher than TY. Personally, at least.

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It’s not crazy to play both those guys when healthy, but if you can trade one to improve another position you can do it.