Rams WRs tonight

Should I start Both Woods and Krupp tonight or bench one for either Shepard, G. Allison?

i would say bench kupp for shepard
with evan down he is more of a floor then before and kupp is fighting for targets


I’d start Shepard in one spot along with a Rams WR.

It’s really a toss up for me on which Rams WR though, I’d probably start Kupp if it were my lineup.

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LOL, I had a similar question involving Rams WR’s!

I like Shepard ONLY because New Orleans just put a starting corner on IR and their D is pretty aweful. It’s going to be a boat race. Coin flip, I would go Woods with the higher ceiling and he gets nearly 10 targets per week. Kupp I feel has the safer floor being more of a possession/underneath route runner.

Side note, Woods/Fuller/Landry/Callaway and need to play 3 in 1/2 PPR lol.


Woods/Landry/Callaway - I’m jumping on the Mayfield bandwagon with both feet. He throws so well down the field that Callaway is my breakout guy this week, and Landry will get his.

I don’t trust Fuller given the potential hamstring issue he’s still dealing with.


Woods because I think Rhodes will be on Cooks all night. Right?
Fuller, Texans are at Colts

The last two are tough because we don’t know what Mayfield will do. But Landry has been a target monster for PPR purpose. Callaway May be the better guy? It’s tough

It’s fair, I’m taking a huge gamble on the Browns this week, back to back wins - and huge game for Callaway (and 12 - 15 points for Landry due to PPR format).

I don’t like Fuller with the hamstring issue this week. I’m going Hopkins in DFS allllll over the place.

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Welp… I did NOT expect that kind of game out of EITHER roster. I stand corrected on the Kupp call :S

I poured over the options. Put Allison in for Kupp. Pulled Allison put in Shepherd. Pulled Shepard out in Fitz. Struggled with it until 10 min before kickoff.
Then said F this. Im going with my gut. Put Kupp back in. I’m going into the weekend with 59 points from Woods and Kupp!
My Opponent played D. Cook 2 points.

I appreciate the advice. It was all solid.


The moral of the story is just play your Rams because that offense is an absolute juggernaut.


ya, i feel like i made a bonehead move selling slow on keenan allen in acquiring dalvin cook, but i feel great about rolling with robert woods in his place…

holy crap, i sunk my fiance’s team telling her to play Andy Dalton over Goff. who knew he’d throw 5 TD’s into tiny windows?! he’s a beast and a must start now too for the Rams

The wedding is off of the Red rifle fails. Good luck!

I’d reconsider the marriage simply because she has Dalton rostered hehehe

thanks, the Sunday and Monday night games saved my rear end. she was going against Big Ben, Kelce, and Manny Sanders all stacked up… A Christmas Miracle come early!