Randall Cobb’s fantasy value after losing Rodgers?

Anyone else think fantasy value is going down for their Green Bay players? I’m debating on trading Cobb now that I’ve lost Rodgers. What is everyone else doing in this situation?

It’s going way down for literally all of them. The only positive that I can think of, and maybe I’m reaching, but they are going to be losing most of the games they play now, which is going to force them to throw the ball. If you can trade Cobb and get something you need in return, go for it. I just don’t know how much interest there will be without Rodgers. You might be stuck with him.

So then droppable as well. That’s probably what I’ll end up doing if no one wants to trade.

Maybe wait a game? Who knows? Maybe Cobb will be the guy that Hundley connects with. He did manage a TD to Adams.

Deff not drop… i would wait and see maybe packers bring back Romo? idk

Aahhh tony romo. Overrated quarterback, underrated announcer.

hahah never said the dude was a god just said that he would be a decent replacement for rogers. very good commentator


Maybe I should be patient and hold off to see what happens. I’m just trying to make some moves and figure out who I need to drop/pickup on waivers this week. I’ve got to grab a QB to replace Rodgers and also need a WR. I was also offered a trade but wasn’t sure if Cobb was someone I should be willing to let go of just yet. Just trying to figure out who I can afford to lose at this point.