Random Trade that im second guessing now

So i randomly offered Conner and Kupp to the Bell owner and he said yes but I wasn’t expecting him to and now im second guessing myself. What do you guys think?

WR: Adams, Shepard, Kupp, MT, Cooper, Lockett, Davis
RB: Gurley, Conner, A. Jones

DO NOT SECOND GUESS. Definitely do this! James Conner has 1 more week of existence left and you have options at WR. Once bell comes back in a week you will have the best Rbs in the league, 2 first rounders . That can carry you through a championship .

Agree. And I think Kupp’s production won’t remain at this level.

Don’t make Indian giver trade offers. Nobody will want to haggle with you anymore. If you did that to me I would immediately tell you never offer anymore trades to me. I would also suggest a rule change the following year. Once it’s on the table it’s locked for 24 hrs.

Indian giver? lol I mean I sent him a text message in our league group chat, I didn’t send him an official trade. But I get your point. Thanks, for the input guys I’ve just been concerned with Bell coming back. My main fear is that I know that hes supposed to sign in the Bye but he could change his mind and wait til week 10. So I didn’t want to lose a solid highscoring flex while being stuck in a position of having to play Aaron Jones (since Mccarthy is comitted to his RBBC)

If you are fine with people wasting your time then backing out willy nilly then that is on you. You asked for an opinion and I gave it to you but now are typing lol. I certainly would never trade with anyone who did that to me. No lol involved. I do not think it is funny or a joke. Make an offer and stand by it.

It wasn’t meant to offend. I just never heard the term which was what the “lol” was for, not at your opinion. Thanks for your opinion, even though it really didn’t answer the question I asked.

No hard feelings. If that is the system you have, text first then ok. You left that out. Still thought, if someone is sending me a text and I accept what is the difference. I need to adjust my roster so I have to sit on it until you make it “official”. What if I want to do other moves based off that one? Does not seem right…meh…