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Rank D. Henry, C. Coleman, OJ Howard, Kareem Hunt, Kamara for 2018


How would you rank these players for 2018. This is for a taxi squad position in a keeper league so they would be used in 2018 and not in 2017 in non ppr


oh man i have flip flopped on this one a few times already. for me its;

Kareem Hunt
Corey Coleman
OJ Howard
Derrick Henry
Alvin Kamara

this is super tricky because it is after this year and who knows what happens. so this is based off of what we do know. starting with Kareem. he is a young and well balanaced player behind a decent but not top end O line that doesnt have a ton of competition. ware just isnt cut it for the long hall. great 2nd stringer though. west is pretty much nothing to even think about. he is my clear cut number 1 on this list. after this, it gets a little tricky.

corey coleman os a young and exciting player… on a pretty bad team. that being said its a team that can produce a valueable WR. i see him as the number 1 guy by 2018. he didnt have electrifying stats last year but with an improving team including their QB and O line, mix in a year of gelling and i see him as a consistant 70-80 reception guy with a high end 90-100 reception depending on how this team ends up using him.

OJ Howard. by that time i expect him to be a stud. a stud who just so happens to be 1 of 2 good TEs on a deep deep deep talent roster. its just that simple for me. he sits in the middle because he could be top 5… or bottom 10. it just depends on how they use him

derrick henry is pretty simple. they have Demarco Murray locked in for a while. i dont care about injuries or how talented henry is. he is limited in his production because he has a beast next to him that they paid very well to stay with them. he is talented and has a good chance to be a star once he is gone. as of right now with that contract, that isnt for a little while.

Alvin Kamara is the one i flipped on the most. i think he landed in one of the best places he could have. he is under rated and a damn good RB. problem is… AP is there. for 2 years. and behind him is the veteran of that team for RBs in mark ingram. so at the end of 2018 he will still be the 3rd RB.

i think its improtant to note is that i did not, and will not predict injuries. its just too much to think on when ranking.


I’d say Coleman, Henry, Hunt, Kamara, Howard


Not on your list but would you not consider Marlon Mack in the same bracket? Only a Frank Gore injury away from being an important part of that offence.

Had hopes for Derrick Henry even last year (in the event Murray went down) and of your list i’d go for him. I THINK Murray only has a year left on his contract? or maybe 2 and you can see him being the main guy in a team that loves to run the ball. Can see Henry getting more and more opportunity starting at the back end of this season even if Murray sticks around.

Everyone loves the idea of Kareem Hunt. But the chiefs already have a ton of depth at RB and i actually quite like Ware! I know you are talking about 2018 onward but wouldn’t it be nice to have someone who could theoretically contribute this year as well? Or at least prove themselves to increase trade value? I don’t think Hunt is going to see much opportunity this year.

A lot of hype of OJ Howard and i’m borrowing from the knowledge of others here but TE’s take a number of seasons to become fantasy relevant and who knows what he can expect for targets.

Like Coleman, you’ve got to hope he’s going to pick up a number of the targets on a team whose O line looks a lot better this year and maybe they’ll take another step forward next year? But it is the Browns…

I’ll be honest and say i don’t know enough about Alvin Kamara to comment.

From your list i’d go for Henry, but if your looking for players to stash for 2018 i’d look at Marlon Mack or DeAndrea Washington. No problem with Coleman but as WR’s are more numerous think a RB stash would be more valuble.