10 man PPR, picked 5th. Rank my draft!

I’d give you an A-. I don’t know how you managed to get: Edelman, Lockett, Godwin, Dede, Dantis, and Lamar as they’ve all been falling in the rounds 4-8 range, and some of those players all falling in the 4th (Edelman, Lockett, Godwin). So it appears as if you got some steals as they fell to you. Good job! (I’m assuming you went 1st: DJ, 2nd: Kerryon, 3: OBJ?)

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I went 1. DJ 2. OBJ (Juju went a pick before) 3. Kerryon. It’s a league my friends and I have played in for 4 years so most of the players aren’t that experienced. All of those players started dropping because guys started picking big names, QBs, and DEFs.

I like everything you did expect McCoy. That guy is getting traded to another team for sure, plus with Devin and Frank crowding that backfield. None the less you had a really good draft. I would have made very similar picks.

he was my 2nd to last pick so I gave him a shot