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Rank my draft!


Standard league 1qb, 2rb, 2wr, 1 te, k, Def

RB- L Bell
RB- Lynch
WR- Crabtree
WR- Fitzgerald
TE- Gronk
FLEX- K Hunt
k- Lutz
def- Steelers
C Coleman


second pick, i guess obvious…


I like it, very safe roster overall with some high potential


Wow. You’re going to kill it! A+++


Love the depth you got a ton of upside starting plus you got safe reliable options on the bench otherwise


I think this is a very risky roster, actually. Bell and Crabtree are great, safe picks. I’d be thrilled with Crabtree as my WR2, but as a WR1, he’s just ok. Very little upside imo. I cannot bring myself to draft Lynch anywhere near that high. We have no idea who he is at this point. It could pay off huge, but it could destroy your team. I don’t want any part of Indy this year, and Gore really is going to fall off the map one day. You got him late, so it’s not a big risk, but a lot of people keep talking about him being a safe pick, and I just don’t get it. I also don’t see Fitz as a WR2 in standard. I love the upside of Hunt and Diggs, but think you really need them to hit. Honestly, I would not be happy with this team. Sorry.


Wow! thanks for the feedback guys! I gotta tell you, i based this draft mostly on the podcast and the UDK. Huge help this year! I took alot from the mock drafts and the my guys episodes. I took some hunches also based on the flow of the draft. I like Lynch because Murray was pretty successful last year and think Lynch is slightly better. I have a couple more drafts so I’m glad to hear from you guys! helps me with those drafts as well!


Lynch WAS much, much better. We have no idea what he is today. Like I said, it could pay off huge. I’m just not willing to bet a 2nd rounder on it, because then it HAS to.